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In Minnesota "parenting time" is the legal term used when defining how much time each parent with have with their children. This used to be called "visitation." The parties can agree to a set amount of parenting time for each of them, or if they are unable to agree, the Court will make such a determination. Because every child has different needs, both emotionally and physically, there is no cookie-cutter schedule that works for everyone. However, a relatively simple guide that is used by the Courts when determining an appropriate access schedule, is the Minnesota Supreme Court Guidelines to Making Access Decisions.

A lot of parents will enter into what is called a "Parenting Plan," which can either be incorporated into the Judgment and Decree, or issued as a separated Order. In the State of Minnesota, the parents may submit a parenting plan to the court. As long as the court finds the parenting plan to be proper and beneficial to the child, the court will accept the agreement and record the parenting plan as a legal document of the court. A Parenting plan must address the following:

  • A parenting time schedule that defines when the child will spend time and/or reside with each parent.
  • A statement designating decision-making authority and parental responsibilities, pertaining medical needs, education, and religious upbringing.
  • A method for dispute resolution to help resolve any future disagreements involving the child.

The parents are also free to include any other provisions regarding the care and custody of the child they find to be relevant and necessary. By including as many details as possible in the parenting plan, parents can predict and prevent many future disputes. If you have questions about parenting time in Minnesota, contact our Minneapolis family law attorneys today at 763-746-4045.


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