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Developing a Parenting Time in Minnesota

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The Minnesota divorce process presents a dichotomy for the people splitting up. As to the financial issues, the process may seem quite mechanical – replete with balance sheets, computerized calculations, and equalizing exchanges of property. However, a very different outlook is required for successful arrangements relating to children.

Even parents who don't like each other must find a way to work together for the benefit of their children. A Parenting Plan is a wonderful tool for developing a successful working relationship with your ex-spouse. Children are not interchangeable. Each child has a unique personality, developmental needs and the like. If one parenting plan is workable for one family it may not be helpful for another.

The process of developing a Parenting Plan must take into consideration the work and personal lives of each parent, and the school and extracurricular activities of each child. Parenting Plans are about each parent's desire for access to his or her children and an opportunity to be involved in the activities and responsibilities of parenting.

A good Parenting Plan should address the following:

1. A schedule that is clear and well defined;

2. A clause describing how parents will decide who will be responsible for the children when a parent is unavailable – or right of first refusal;

3. A clause describing who will provide transportation for the children between homes;

4. A clause about ultimate decision making for children;

5. A forum for managing disputes about major decisions;

6. A provision for modification and review as special circumstances arise;

7. A clause outlining financial responsibilities; and

8. A provision for sharing necessary information.

Be sure to look into a Parenting Plan to determine if it is right for you.

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